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AFM Workshop

AFM Video Demonstrations

Atomic force microscope videos provide a closer look at our AFMs, including full demonstrations, introductory AFM videos and more. For a more in-depth understanding of how an atomic force microscope works, as well as some helpful AFM tips and pointers, click a video below.


 TT-2 AFM Introduction

Second generation tabletop Atomic Force Microscope.




Woodpecker Tip Approach

Method among AFM users which minimizes the chances of damaging samples and probes upon preparing for imaging scans




TT-2 AFM Overview, Part 1

Part I presents the components of the TT-2 AFM.




 TT-2 AFM Overview, Part 2

TT-2 AFM software is described in Part II. 




TT-2 AFM Overview, Part 3

See the TT-2 AFM operated in Part III.




Full Length TT-2 AFM Demonstration

48 Minutes

Livestreaming demonstration of the TT-2 AFM, an ideal atomic force microscope for researchers, educators, and engineers. This 40 minute video demonstration highlights the TT-2 AFM's wide variety of functions and applications. With a sales price starting at $33,980, the TT-2 AFM's high-quality and success in research and business applications is unparalleled within atomic force microscopy.


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